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A kind of lame halloween party

So I had Friday night off this week because I made a deal with my friend Jose to switch my Friday for his Sunday so that I could go to Reba's sister Becky's Halloween party. Long story short the whole thing kind of sucked. First off the party proper got canceled because one of the water mains to the house busted and we had to shut off the water. Then when I finally got to the party it was only me, Becky, Reba, and Reba's friend lyndsay(along with her three demon spawn children). Luckily I brought my dog Pepper to the party so the three kids chased her around the lawn for a few hours until they were all tired. When it was time for the children to leave they threw massive hissy fits which I would have gotten the crap kicked out of me for at their age. Their mother is such an aweful parent that she just lets those kids run around like wild creatures and does not care at all. She is there physically, but really does absolutely no actual parenting and it really pisses me off.

Anyway, after that I popped in Halloween 4&5, and Hellraiser 7 to watch throughout the night as I drank my case of beer until I eventually passed out. Now I am here at work yet again, but hopefully actual Halloween night will be much more fun. I bought some great Zombie makeup which Reba has said she will put on for me, and then I am going to go out to the Bar with Dave and Marcus.



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