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Update time

Boy, this thing is harder to keep up with than I remember. I just cant seem to find the time to update it like I want to. Well, it is now officially veterans day, yay for me and yay for anyone else who has served their country. I have plans to go out tonight with my best friend Marcus and hit up all of the places which are offering us free food, and then going on an epic "drinkining" to celebrate. I even switched days with Reba at work so that I could go out and celebrate properly. I think I might even go out to the parade in town and march with the homeless veterans from the veterans village project. They really are a great group of guys, and it is a shame that despite them risking their lives for their country they have ended up homeless. I try to do everything that I can for those guys, but I just wish that I could do more. The big bend homeless coalition is opening up a free housing complex for homeless veterans called the home front later this month, and I am looking forward to doing some of my internship providing case management for these guys and hopefully helping them get access to the services that they both need and are entitled to.

Speaking of work I joined a biggest loser competition with the other employees for the next three months. Everyone put 20 dollars into the pot, and the biggest loser after the three months gets 70 percent of it, second place gets 20 percent, and 3rd place gets 10 percent. We have to put in one more dollar for every pound we gain as well, so at the end of this the winner should get somewhere around 200 dollars. I joined in mostly to support Reba who is trying very hard to lose weight, but also because I need to get back down to around 190 pounds for the army, and when I weighed in I was at 215. Reba and I have been going to the gym together at least twice a week, and have changed our diets greatly so hopefully we will get the results that we want. I will be sure to keep you posted on that.

The internship is going fairly well I suppose. I am kind of bored with it right now actually because I still do not have any clients to work with. My first client has been a no show for our first two meetings, and I am getting a little frustrated. Well, I guess that is just one of the downsides of doing outreach work with the homeless. I spoke to my mentors about my frustrations, and we came up with some more tasks for me to do until we can get the client situation sorted out so hopefully I will not be bored next week.

Halloween was fun. Reba spent over two hours putting on my zombie makeup and if I do say so myself it looked great. Almost too good in fact because I scared many of the younger trick or treaters who came to my house. After the kids stopped coming around my friends Dave, Marc, and I went out to a bar for drinks. The bar was packed with people which sucked and was yet cool at the same time. I got to meet some new people, talked with some old friends I have not seen in a while, saw some boobies, got into a fight with a pirate, and generally had a great time. The only real problem was I had to have Dave and Marc smack me around every now and then to remind me that I was engaged because of all of the beautiful girls in their very slutty costumes. I even ran into my boss from work which was interesting. He is actually younger than me, but he has a masters in social work so he is my boss. We have a strange relationship, I like to hang out with him personally and would like to be his friend, but when we are at work he has to revert from friend mode to boss mode which is not fun. As far as bosses go though he is a pretty cool guy I guess though.

Everything else is pretty mundane stuff, work, school, and internship so I will spare you all the boring details. I guess that is it for tonight then. Happy veterans day all.



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