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New years resolution

So one of this years many new years resolutions for me is to keep a journal going so here I am once again. To be perfectly honest I check this thing like every other day just to see what some of my old friends are up to, but now I'm also going to be doing this for myself. I'm not going to try and catch everyone up with what is going on in my life because that would take forever, so i'm just going to jump right in and let anyone who reads this other than me fill in the blanks with their imagination.

Today was a pretty busy day for me. I got up around 10 a.m. and got ready for work. When I checked my e-mail I found out that I had a conference call at noon with my vista supervisor that i had to be involved in. This call was THE MOST BORING THING EVER. It was all about using social media to get coverage for the things that we do as vistas. I hated this because I did not join Americorps for recognition, I joined it to help homeless veterans.

The other focus of the call was about getting coverage for our MLK day project. This year we were supposed to do a special day of service in memory of Dr. King's legacy and dream. This was actually pretty hard for me because Dr. King was a pacifist and I serve veterans who by their very nature are not pacifists. I'm actually pretty proud of the project that I came up with though. I am going to be having a dinner at a local community center where several prominent veterans from the community will be doing a round table discussion on what being a veteran means to them. I invited all of the homeless vets from the local shelters, the veterans village, the home front, the VFW, the American legion, and the collegiate veterans association, so this event will not only feed the homeless vets from the community, but will also foster a sense of brotherhood between all of the local vets, and brotherhood was kinda sorta one of Dr. King's messages.

After the conference call I went to a meeting about our annual homeless count that we are doing at the end of the month. This count is going to be the biggest one that the BBHC has ever done and hopefully the most accurate one ever. I have been scouting out homeless camps all month letting the guys know that we will be coming by to count them. The more accurate a count that we have the better funding we will get to help them out. I have also been begging and whoring myself around town to various businesses trying to get donations of hygiene items, gift cards, and food items so that when we come to these camps we come with gifts. Hopefully if things go right we might even be able to get some of these guys into housing with the 100000 homes grant we got this year.

After the meeting was a going away party for one of my bosses. We called it the ice cream anti social because Shelly is kind of an anti social lady. This ended up actually being VERY FUN. We had ice cream with like a million different toppings which is always fun, but the best part was that we all gave Shelly a big group hug. Shelly HATES being touched so she was totally freaking out.The pics are going to be on facebook and they are totally hilarious.

That was pretty much it for today. After work I had dinner with Reba at a Mexican place that she loves, and now I am chilling at home about to watch some netflix before bed. Later world.


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Jan. 16th, 2013 05:07 am (UTC)
oh god you probably read my journal. *hides under covers forever*

but YAY for americorps and doing awesome things!
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