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Starting fresh

It's about 3:45 in the morning right now, and although I should be working on the massive pile of homework that I have developed, or actually doing my job as a security guard, I find myself drawn here to the livejournal. There is something very therapeutic about writing down all of my thoughts and feelings into a journal, but I always end up quiting shortly after I begin, or updating them so infrequently that it no longer even counts as a journal. This time will be different (I hope). I plan to be completely honest in this thing, and update it at least weekly no matter what.

Anyone who is reading this already knows me so there is really no need to do any back story or anything, so I am just going to jump right in. In approximately three hours the service day for the homeless community in Tallahassee begins, and although I have been working all night long I am going to be working all day helping with the event instead of sleeping like a sane person. This is my own fault though, because I volunteered for it. Why did I not learn my lesson from my time in the navy, never. again. volunteer. yourself.

I cant complain too badly though because my task supervisor for my internship has said that I can write those hours off as intern hours. 40 hours down, and only 360 more to go before I can put the craziness of this internship behind me. Since I started this damn thing I have absolutely zero time for sleep and even less time for a social life. It is really putting a strain on every aspect of my life, especially my relationship with my fiance. I only get one day off a week to spend with her, and on that day I am so damn tired all I want to do is sleep. I made special plans for this Sunday though and she and I are going to go on a date even if it kills us.

Well, I am exhausted to the point where I cant even type properly any more so I am going to sign off for now. If I get the chance in the next few days I'll tell you all how the service day went, and possibly how date night goes, but for now I just need to shut my eyes for a bit.



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