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An angry update

I am so angry with my fiance Reba right now. She gets a call from her "friend" Lyndsey where she is all Boo-Hoo woe is me because her husband is cheating on her, so she bails on work for the night to go console her. First off I am upset because she automatically assumes that I will cover the shift for her, (we work for the same company in the same position), but because I am the doting partner that I am I tell her that I will cover the shift despite the shift ending at seven a.m. and my internship beginning at 9 a.m. Secondly I am upset because this stupid bitch Lindsey has a freak out like this every other freaking week. Either her douchebag husband leaves the house after an argument, or she has some sort of emergency and we are forced to watch her three hellion children because she cant find a babysitter, or some other stupid shit like that. I am sick of her "friend" using her like this and me getting caught up in the middle of it, she should have never gotten pregnant if she was not ready for it, and should have divorced that asshole of a husband long ago. Thirdly I am upset because after we managed to get someone else to cover the shift for her I made the comment "boy I am glad we found someone to cover the shift for you because I have had a few drinks this evening" and she jumps up my ass about being an alcoholic. As far as I know having four beers at home after a long day at work and school, when I have nothing else to do until 9 the next morning is not being an alcoholic, but then again maybe I'm wrong, according to her I'm wrong with most things. She said to me that I should not be drinking  by myself just because I can, and I told her I am not, I am drinking because beer tastes good with dinner. She also brought up these stupid hypothetical situations to back up her arguement like"What if I was stranded on the side of the road and you have been drinking all afternoon" and I told her I would call triple A which pissed her off even more. I understand that this chick has alcoholic daddy issues but give it a rest.........Man it feels good to let all of that out. I believe that is my first rant of this new journal.

Other than that little blow up Sunday night was Reba and I's date night. It did not go nearly as planned, but we still ended up having a pretty good time. I had planned to take her to a small locally owned Italian restaurant called Bella Bella, but it turns out that place is closed on Sundays. In a panic I called my dad asking him for ideas on romantic dinner locations in Tallahassee. After being berated for not calling him in over a month by both him and mom he gave me a few ideas which I immediately wrote down for future reference. We chatted for a little bit and my mom told me that my little sister is graduating college with a degree in art history in December. That is just like my little sister to show me up by graduating before me, but with a degree in art history I wonder where in the world she expects to find a job. Anyway after the call to the folks I made the decision to go with my old fallback date spot of Mori's Japanese steakhouse. I make the reservations for 6:30 knowing full well that if I tell Reba they are for 6 we will not leave until 6:30, so for once we are actually on time for something. We get in the Resteraunt and Reba tells me that she does not want to eat there, so we head back into the parking lot to try and figure out where to eat. We decide on this cheap ass little fish joint called the crystal river and we end up getting a platter for two with a side of crap legs. Reba just ate the crab legs so we had a ton of leftovers when we finally left the place to head home and watch the walking dead. It was not the date I planned on having, but still ended up being fun, especially in the end when she and I were snuggling on the couch together watching the walking dead and scream 4.

Other than those 2 events the week has been pretty normal so far. Lots of work and school. Some time this week I should be getting my first clients for my internship, and that will probably be what my next post is about. Goodbye for all now. 



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