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A free minute

I finally have a little bit of free time now so I am going to keep up with my new years resolution and post again. Since my last post I have been so busy it is insane. The MLK day of service went off really well. We ended up having over 50 volunteers show up to help out and we made an amazing soul food dinner for the vets. The speakers that we had were pretty good and had some great advice for vets, but I wish we had allotted more time for them to speak because the whole roundtable discussion part of the event seemed kind of rushed. I ended up shuttling homeless veterans from the home front, the vets village, and the shelter to and from the event which took up most of my time and gas money, but it was totally worth it to see them enjoying the evening, having a good meal and hanging out with other vets. Some of the guys even teared up a bit when the whole conference center gave them a standing ovation and told them how much they appreciated their sacrifice.

After the MLK day celebration was wrapped up I almost immediately got to work on getting ready for our annual point in time homeless count.  The count ended up going even better than we expected it would. We had over 100 volunteers show up for the count, and we were able to get enough donations to give everyone who participated a 5 dollar gift card to McDonalds and a backpack filled with basic survival items. Over the course of the three day ordeal we managed to count over 1000 individuals experiencing homelessness in the Tallahassee area. This may not seem like a lot to some people, but for a small college town like Tallahassee that is a completely unacceptable number. I pray that we are able to help some of these guys get the help that they need and get them into housing. I just wish that there was more that I could do.

Anyway, I'm exhausted right now so I think I am going to take a 16 hour nap. I might go into more details later, but for now sleep beckons.


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Apr. 10th, 2013 01:58 pm (UTC)
Sup, how is life. I haven't been on lj in literally years, but on a whim I got on here. I am honestly amazed that I remembered my original password. It's really funny because a handful of people still use livejournal. I remember in high school when this was the thing to have...you know before myspace and facebook took over. Did you get married yet? I guess I could stop being lazy and just look at your FB page,anywho. I hope all is well in the World of Justin. Also, add me as a friend with this new account so I can stay updated. PS I too sometimes check up on old hs friends. I hope life has been treating you well.
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